I have been working with On the Money for almost a year now and the partnership between CU Realty Services, LLC and On the Money, has made a significant difference to our business. The most important differences have been improved timeliness of reporting as well as reporting accuracy and consistency. Such improvements have been extremely beneficial in our month-end reporting and annual audit requirements. The partnership has been successful because of their knowledgeable, professional and qualified staff.
On the Money provides dedicated, knowledgeable, professional and qualified staff at a very reasonable price.
- Jo Ann E. Cain, CFO -
CU Realty Services, LLC

The business of business is staying in business! With the invaluable leadership of On the Money, we are able to focus on what we do best. On the Money provides us with insightful, professional and powerful leadership. We rely on their discrete and honest approach when it comes to evaluating our organization. Most importantly, On the Money gives us direct financial leadership which is at the core of building a strong and sustainable business. We rely upon On the Money and believe their service is at the center of our success.
- Julia C. Patrick, Founder -
American Nonprofit Academy

On the Money’s accountant has served as an advisor on various business and financial matters. In the establishment on the QuickBooks system the process has been a forced audit of previous and current cash flow and financial statements.
Their accounting professional has provided oversight and peace of mind as I anticipate succession planning in the event it became necessary for someone to “step in” to my family office. Also, the process has advanced me technologically including new accounting tools.
- Laree Perez -

On the Money’s team have helped me, we changed a client’s accounting program, streamlined internal processes, trained the accounting staff, and implemented new functionality that did not exist before. Both were significant projects and, in each case, the person assigned to the job was terrific. Honestly, I think it would be difficult to find better, more capable people. So, if you are reading this, I hope it helps. I am looking forward to using On the Money’s services again on a future project.
- Dave Casebere, Partner -